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Example of Botanical Buddy Watering Plant

Powder Craft

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is often referred to as powder paint, when in fact it has nothing in common with paint, except that both powder and paint provide color to metal. Originally conceived in Europe, powder coating quickly found its way to the U.S., where in the 1960's it was largely used on household appliances. Since that time powder coating has changed drastically. Powder CraftTM is the only powder coating facility to utilize all 5000 colors and texture variations. Just last year we created 63 new colors to suit our customer's needs. Powder CraftTM is a family owned and operated powder coating business founded some 10 years ago by a local family living in the area since 1963. We have the capability to powder coat almost any metal part imaginable—from your lawn furniture to your boat trailer. If it's metal, we can powder coat it!

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Botanical Buddy - Plant Watering Spike